Genussschmiede Pirk

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For all senses. For the love of taste. In our kitchen we conjure up the most delicious dishes for you, mix traditional recipes with modern influences and are passionate about always discovering new taste explosions. Our daily motto: Always fresh. Always regional. Always delicious. That's why we source the ingredients for your culinary delights from trusted suppliers. Because only really fresh is really good! Discover our combination of tradition and modernity!

Die Genussschmiede

The history of the Genussschmiede began 330 years ago when a forge was opened here. Our ancestors were master blacksmiths - we are masters of good taste and offer you traditional-modern compositions, fresh ingredients from the region and fine wines. Let yourself be seduced! Enjoyment to take away In our wine shop you can get exquisite wines, coffee and all sorts of accessories to enjoy yourself or give as a gift. Your event We are happy to open for your event even on days off. Please feel free to contact us.


Our gourmet forge is located in a building full of history and stories. In the chronicle you can see when who took over the forge, as well as interesting details about the respective time periods. It was built in 1682 by Andreas Falckenbacher and taken over by Balthasar Falckenbacher in 1709. In 1722 it was the turn of Schmidt Faltenbacher, who took over the house and 1/16 of the farm. The Pirk altar boy Martin Faltenbacher succeeded him in 1794. In 1812 a novelty: a woman, Elisabetha Wittib, Matthias Faltenbacher's wife, took over the forge as a master farrier. In 1840 the business went back to a man, Elisabetha's son Martin, who owned an empty house, a house, a stable, a barn, a blacksmith's workshop, a courtyard and a grass garden. Other owners were: Gregor (1852), Georg (1864) and Jakob Faltenbacher (1888). In 1928, Josef Faltenbacher, mayor of Pirk and namesake of the Pirk school, took over the forge before another Josef followed in his footsteps in 1966. In 1992 he made room for the 3rd Josef Faltenbacher, who transformed the forge into a steel construction company and is also responsible for the transformation from the old forge into the gourmet forge.